Ode to Strong


Sometimes these eyes can no longer see

My mind takes over all that I believe,

Running wild as a stallion through blue trees

Bringing my heart to it’s knees,

The will of a man can only go so far

When love starts to create scars,

Holding on never felt so long

Another testament, ode to strong


The Clue

Does the blood we make
Define our fate,
Does our family name
Hold all we claim,
Does the beat of the heart
Change the start,
And could an ‘I love you’,
Be the very first clue.




The quiet inside my mind

is nothing but blind,

awake but still breaks

alive for all it can take.

Nothing keeps me calm

but the feel of her palm,

her hand in mine

brings the only sign;

of peace in my head

a long rest in my bed,

clear conscious of thoughts

that untied these knots,

When the smoke clears

I break out of my fears,

with her heart so big

it becomes hard to win,

but if love really matters

to me, she will go after,

and forever i will find

my quiet little mind.